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Governments Industrial Stratergy takes shape - 24th July


Batteries installed alongside renewable energy schemes could soon become the norm in a bid to aid green energy. It is expected that this week the governments business secretary Greg Clark, will announce plans to install batteries on and near Solar and Wind to aid the supply of electricity to the grid during intermittent period of low wind or dark period such as at night.

Installing batteries alongside such technologies will help to reduce the cost and hopefully, in the long term bring down household energy bills.

The planned investment of £246m in developing the technology, is part of the strategy to drive forward what I calls its modern industrial strategy. The search for a strategy was launched by Theresa May in January this year, and is aimed at helping the UK’s economy post Brexit.

Battery storage forms part of the 10”pillars” outlined in the industrial strategy. Greg Clark commented that the strategy “bring together concerted effort on areas of opportunity that have previously been in different sectors, or which require joining forces between entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, industries, and local and national government.”

Clark will also authorised a further £25m towards research and development of connected autonomous vehicles, this time on schemes for off-road, driverless vehicles destined for construction, farming and mining.

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