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Government statistics reveal soaring public support for renewable energy 10 November


Official Government statistics published today reveal increasing public support for renewable energy, reaching a 76% approval rating. Despite the Government’s decision to end financial support for future onshore wind schemes, onshore wind energy support has risen to 66% since the last polling six months ago.

With the costs of wind energy falling, onshore wind has become one of the cheapest sources of electricity. It is therefore imperative to keep onshore wind production in the UK energy mix to reduce fuel bills, our dependency on imports, and effectively challenge climate change. Whilst the Government seeks to meet renewable energy targets, wind energy offers an obvious solution as Scotland has 25% of Europe’s total potential for wind energy production.

GoodEnergy’s chief executive Juliet Davenport neatly encapsulated the situation by stating: “people clearly want clean electricity – why wouldn’t they? It’s a British success story”.

The message from voters is clear: that we must rally behind home-grown renewable energy and the Government must listen to what the public are telling them.

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