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Government given deadline on climate change publication - 12th April


Environmental lawyers have given the UK Government 21 days to explain its failure to produce a plan addressing climate change.  Campaign group ClientEarth have set this deadline with the Government facing possible legal action if no explanation is provided within the timeframe given.  The team of lawyers has asked the Government to provide an explanation as to why it has failed to produce a plan outlining how the UK will address climate change as required by law.

The Climate Change Act requires that the Government sets out measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 57% by 2032.  The report which sets out these measures; The Government's Emissions Reduction Plan, was due to be published at the end of 2016 but has been delayed repeatedly.

ClientEarth states it is 'increasingly concerned' that the plan has not yet been published.  Director of Programmes, Karla Hill explained that "The Emissions Reduction Plan is critical.  It is important because it will send a signal that the Government is serious about the Climate Change Act".

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy states that "The Plan is a priority for this Government and our intention is still to publish it as early on in 2017 as possible".

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