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Free drinking fountains in Borough Market in attempt to phase out water bottles – 23rd August


Borough Market in London is aiming to get rid of plastic water bottles by introducing free drinking fountains within the next 6 months.

Their aim is to phase out single-use plastic bottles and become an entirely plastic-free shopping destination. With over 100 traders at the market, organisers want them to adopt biodegradable and compostable packaging in a bid to reduce their waste being sent to landfill and to become as sustainable as possible.

Both stalls in the market and the cafes surrounding, will discontinue the sales of single-use plastic bottles, where water will instead be offered for free from the drinking fountains.

Guardian’s figures have shown that over 38 million plastic bottles are purchased every day in the UK alone. Only just over half of these are recycled which results in 16 million being sent to landfill, being burned or ending up in the oceans. Research has shown that once plastic reaches the oceans, it can take up to 450 years to break up.

Darren Henaghan, the managing director of the markets, is pleased people want to drink water throughout the day and feels it’s a great step forward introducing the fountains as a way to uphold human health as well as thinking about the environment. He also said there are plans in the pipeline to produce refillable drinking bottles.

The London Assembly Environment Committee is now calling on the mayor to introduce a deposit return scheme and provide free tap water instead as the plastic problem in London has become so bad. Therefore Borough Market’s initiate will hopefully be well received.

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