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Fracking given the green light in Lancashire – 7th October


The Government approved horizontal fracking at one site in Little Plumpton, Lancashire yesterday in what could prove to be a landmark ruling for the UK shale gas industry.

A second site has not yet been approved due to concerns over impacts on the area, specifically traffic. Lancashire County council refused permission for both sites on grounds of noise and traffic, and has now called on the Government to address people’s concerns about fracking.

The decision to permit fracking seems to go against the Paris Agreement to cut carbon emissions and combat climate change; with Friends of the Earth campaigner Pollyanna Steiner saying “the Government must end its fixation with dirty fossil fuels and focus instead on harnessing the UK’s huge renewable energy resource”.

Local anti-fracking groups are still committed to continue to fight fracking in a peaceful and legal manner. 

To find out more from the BBC, please click here.

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