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Forests around the world affected by climate change - 24th December


Globally forests are undergoing strong changes due to human influence. The degradation of woods due to man-made climate change cannot be ruled out for the future, a special feature to be published in the Journal of Ecology 23 December 2014, now shows.

This research has been conducted by a team of scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). In order to understand and improve the resilience of forests, a combination of approaches from small-scale field experiments to large-scale computer simulations can help, according to the studies. Scientists caution that global warming puts additional pressure on some of the most valuable ecosystems on our Earth.

"Forests are probably more at risk than previously thought," says Christopher Reyer of PIK, coordinator of the Special Feature and lead-author of an overview article. "The observed changes affect forests as important as the Amazon, but also forests on all continents, possibly pushing some of them towards tipping points."

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