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'Flying Start' to 2015 for Scottish Wind Power - 6th February

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Wind power in Scotland got off to a ‘Flying Start’ in 2015, generating enough energy to supply 146% of Scottish households.

New data for January, released on the 3rd February revealed that wind turbines provided an estimated 1,307,629MWh of electricity to the National Grid - an increase of 27% compared to January of 2014.
The wind that was generated was enough to supply 100% or more of Scottish homes on 24 out of the 31 days in the month, including two days where output was equivalent to more than 200%. The maximum output was obtained on 14th January when generation reach and estimated estimated 60,800MWh, enough to supply five million homes, this is equivalent to 206% of Scottish homes.
The WWF Scotland's director Lang Banks said: "While January's wintry weather caused havoc for many people, it also proved to be a good month for wind power output in Scotland.
"Even on calmer days, when wind wasn't at its strongest, wind still generated enough to support the electricity needs of more than a quarter of our households." 

This follows the figure that were released earlier in the week for the whole of the UK, which revealed that 14% of Britain's energy (4.1TWh) came from wind turbines in January. The weekly record was also broken with 1.119GWh generated, and the half-hourly record was exceeded on 2 January, when wind supplied 31% of the nation's energy demands. 

January also proved to be a great month for solar energy in Scotland. Even with the winter weather, there was enough sunshine to generate an estimated 37% of the electricity needs of an average home in Aberdeen, 30% in Glasgow, and 24% in Edinburgh.

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