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First Minister states that the UK Governments decision to close RO is wrong-headed


The First Minister stated yesterday that the UK Governments decision to close Renewables Obligation support in Scotland is wrong-headed, perverse and downright outrageous. Whilst Amber Rudd (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) admits that Onshore Wind is one of the most cost effective ways of generating renewable energy

At First Ministers question time yesterday Mike MacKenzie (Highlands and Islands) (SNP) questionned 'What impact will the UK Government decision, announced this morning, to close the renewables obligations support for onshore wind a year early have on business confidence, consumer bills and climate change targets?'

The First Minister stated that 'The decision is wrong- headed, perverse and downright outrageous. It severely undermines any Tory claims to be pro- business.'

Scottish Renewables estimates that Scotland could lose £3 billion of investment because of the decision. Scottish Power estimates that ending onshore wind support could cost consumers £2 billion to £3 billion, as more expensive generation will be required instead. What makes this worse is that the decision comes despite the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change admitting on radio this morning that onshore wind is one of the most cost effective ways to develop renewable energy.

As for climate change targets, cutting support for low-carbon energy is a terrible example to set for the rest of the world as we run up to the Paris climate talks.

The decision is completely and utterly wrong- headed and wrong. We will do everything in our power to persuade the UK Government to see sense and to change it. 

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