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First Minister announces direct energy investment of 43m for low-carbon infrastructure 10th May

Energy Conference

The proposed investment could potentially be the largest direct energy investment in the past 10 years and is to be shared across 13 projects throughout Scotland. This includes an energy storage project in Shetland, an installation of a heat pump on the river Clyde, and a new innovative local energy system on Fair Isle.

Speaking at the All Energy Conference in Glasgow, the First Minister said:

“These projects have great potential to help us tackle climate change, and remain at the forefront of low carbon and renewable innovation. They will also bring economic benefits – in terms of savings and jobs – to local areas across the country”

“With Scotland’s world-leading expertise in renewables, which employs at least 11,000 people, and a growing workforce of at least 58,000 in the low carbon sector, I am confident of our future success”

The funding, which was awarded by the Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme (LCIP), will be paired with a minimum of £43m from private and public sector partners. The transformation in how we travel to work and school, and how we power our industries and homes will generate many social and economic benefits.

These projects, such as the local energy system in Fair Isle and the energy storage project in Shetland are a clear signal of economic opportunities that the transition to a zero carbon future offers Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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