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Fergus Ewing states that Scotland are 'frozen out of green energy decisions' - 4th June

Fergus Ewing

The Scottish Energy Minister stated that he was concerned because onshore wind is so important to our economy. In a letter to the UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, Mr Ewing said: "It is disappointing that I have not had the opportunity to engage with you on this ahead of it being a matter for speculation in the press. “We have not received any information from your department on the possible options you are considering or what analysis has been done to assess the impact on projects in Scotland."

Mr Ewing warned that changing previously-agreed subsidies would cause a crisis of confidence with business.

His letter said: "Any lack of clarity on the UK government's intentions has the potential to stall a very substantial pipeline of investment in the UK and Scotland and dent (our) reputation with developers and inward investors."

David Cameron may be planning a strategy in which he appeases his own backbenchers by stopping subsidies in England and Wales - but then allowing them in Scotland, where the majority of wind farms are being planned anyway. Mr Ewing wants to know whether this is the case. He believes it is irrational to end support for the UK's cheapest form of clean energy.

Industry professionals have warned that choking off onshore wind energy would lead to higher bills as clean electricity is obtained from more expensive sources such as offshore wind.

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