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February breaks record as global warming hots up -16th March

February breaks record

A dramatic surge in the Earth’s surface temperatures took place in February which saw the biggest month-on-month rise in global warming on record, latest figures released by Nasa show.

February was the warmest month on record, and 2016 is heading to become the warmest year on record, according to the global surface temperature measurements compiled and released by Nasa.

Scientists repeated their warnings the global climate system is being strongly influenced by greenhouse gases, especially rising concentrations of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

Nasa confirmed that February 2016 was not only the warmest month ever measured globally, at 1.35°C above the longterm average, but that it was more than 0.2° C warmer than January 2016, which itself had held the previous monthly temperature record.

Temperatures in the northern hemisphere especially saw temperatures rise well above the global average, with the Arctic and northern Russia seeing exceptionally warm surface readings over land and sea.

The US National Snow and Ice Data Centre reported that the sea ice in the Arctic in February had once again failed to reform completely, leaving large patches of open ocean which in previous years had been topped with ice.

The extent of the sea ice in February was the lowest in the satellite record going back to the 1970s, for the second month in a row. This suggests a new record for winter sea ice will be reached in March – underlining how higher temperatures are affecting Arctic winters as well as summers.

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