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Every country will be affected by climate change - 28th January

All countries

Climate change is a real thing, but each country will be affected in a different way. Eco Experts have put together an info-graphic based on data from the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index, an annual ranking of which countries are best poised to adapt to a warming world.

The map provides a great zoomed-out perspective of what is going to happen globally as the earth warms; however, it is not a comprehensive evaluation of each country. The best ranked countries are only as great as they seem compared to the countries that are performing less well. The ranking only looks at the level of the entire countries, all of the state specific, region specific or city specific data gets somewhat lost in this zoomed out perspective.

A key example of this is the United States, whereby it is green on the map, but specific areas such as Miami Beach, Florida, could see sea level rise between 6-7 feet by the end of the century, with most of the city at less than 10 feet above sea level. However, the US as a whole has more infrastructure to be able to adapt to this situation, with the government able to force people in coastal cities to move inland and build new airports and transit hubs closer to the centre of the country. 

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