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EU wind installations higher than Gas and Coal combined - 16th February

Wind Farm desert

Research has shown that the EU wind industry installed more new capacity than coal and gas combined in 2014.

The European wind Energy Association said, across its 28 member states, the industry connected 11,791MW while coal and gas installed a combined total of 5643MW. The study also revealed the coal and gas industries retired more capacity than they commissioned last year. By comparison, wind capacity in Europe increased 3.8% year on year from 2013, with cumulative installations now standing at 128.8GW in the EU.

On a country-by-country breakdown, Germany and the UK accounted for 59.5% of total EU wind energy installations in 2014, installing 5279MW and 1736MW respectively.

Renewable power projects accounted for 79.1% of new installations during 2014, or 21.3GW of a total 26.9GW. Grid-connected wind power is now enough to power 10% of the EU, up from 8% in 2013.

EWEA chief executive Thomas Beckersaid: “Europe is at a turning point for investment in renewables and particularly wind. Ploughing financial capital into the industries of old in Europe is beginning to look unwise.

“By contrast, renewables are pushing ahead and investments in wind remain attractive.”

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