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EU must close all coal plants by 2030 to meet Paris climate pledges says study - 10th February


Climate thinktank Climate Analytics claims that the EU will “vastly overshoot” the pledges made at the Paris agreement unless coal power is totally phased out within 15 years. Despite coal power falling by about 1% a year in Europe, it still accounts for 1/5th of its greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Analytics science director, Dr Michiel Schaeffer, notes that the existing and planned coal plants within the EU would raise total emissions to almost twice the agreed levels at the Paris climate summit last year.

The study will feed into a review of the EU’s Paris targets next year, which could see planned emissions cuts raised significantly in order to meet the 1.5C goal. Artur Runge-Metzger, the EU lead negotiator at the Paris talks, stated that adjustments need to take social impacts into consideration alongside what is technically feasible.

Global uncertainties have been raised with Trump’s administration promising a ‘coal renaissance’ in the US, but Climate Analytics claims that all coal plants globally will have to be shut by 2050 to prevent dangerous warming.

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