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Electric vehicle surge could disrupt UK energy network, finds report from Green Alliance: 21st April


The latest report from Green Alliance warns that the coming surge in electric vehicle (EV) use will disrupt the UK’s energy network, and that as few as six EVs located near one another could lead brownouts and unplanned drops in voltage.

How to prevent such events is one of the key topics in managing the rise of EVs. Network operators are calling on smart chargers to deliver stability, by charging EVs when there is low demand on the grid. There are also calls for EVs to be used to feed energy back into the energy system at key times which will allow active management of energy networks at a micro level.

Charging one EV requires a similar amount of electricity that a typical home uses in three days, and with several EVs in one location it will create strain on the Grid if no improvement or technological advances are made. One issue is that smart chargers are often only used in pilot projects, and that retrofitting chargers to become smart technology is very expensive.

 The thinktank Green Alliance make several conclusions from the report, suggesting that an independent system designer is brought in to manage the integration of small-scale energy into the UK’s energy supply network.

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Photo credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

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