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Earth 'overshoot day' has been reached - 14th August


A year's supply of natural resources has been exhausted in less than eight months due to the demands of the world's population on the planet.  The Earth's 'overshoot day' for 2015 was the 13th August, six days earlier than 2014 and marks the point at which humanity goes into ecological debt.

The 'overshoot day' is based on a comparison of humanity's demands such as carbon emissions, cropland, fish stocks and the use of forests for timber - with the planet's ability to regenerate these resources and naturally absorb carbon emissions.  This implies that the additional demands placed on natural systems are causing permanent harm that cannot easily be reversed.

It is estimated that human consumption began to exceed ecological capacity in the early 1970s with the 'overshoot day' falling steadily earlier since then.  This is due to increases in global population along with increased consumption worldwide.

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