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Denmark breaks world wind energy record 20th January

Danish Turbine Flag

A particularly windy 2015 allowed Denmark to produce 42% of its electricity from onshore and offshore wind. This was achieved despite two of the country’s major wind farms being offline.

Denmark has become the leading nation in wind-based power in recent years. January 2015 saw over 60% of electricity needs met by wind energy alone.

There was one day in 2015 where the central power stations in Denmark didn’t need to be switched on at all. September 2nd saw 100% of electricity needs met by a combination of wind, solar and other renewables.

The country’s minister for energy, utilities and climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, called the record significant and said: “Hopefully, Denmark can serve as an example to other countries that it is possible to have both ambitious green policies with a high proportion of wind energy and other renewables in the energy supply, and still have a high security of supply and competitive prices on electricity.”

These figures mean the Danish government is currently on track to meet its 2020 target for 50 per cent of all energy consumption from renewable sources.

“These figures show that we are now at a level where wind integration can be the backbone of electricity systems in advanced economies,” said Kristian Ruby, European Wind Energy Association’s chief policy officer.

 “The fact that we are now generating surplus power 16% of the time in the Western Danish power grid illustrates that... we can benefit from imports and exports across borders to an even greater extent,” said Carsten Vittrup, an adviser to Energinet, Denmark’s transmissions systems operator.

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