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Costa Rica's 255 days of 98.82% renewable electricity: a big feat for a small nation - 20 November


For 255 days in 2015, Costa Rica has managed its residents’ electricity needs with 98.82% renewable energy, setting an impressive precedent. Only 1.18% of electricity needs came from fossil fuels, which were used mainly in backup scenarios.

Costa Rica’s renewable energy feats are nothing new, having announced in March that the country was running on nothing but renewable electricity in the first 75 days of 2015. The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) claims that a decline of oil imports, in addition to the expansion strategy and exchanges with the regional electricity market, has positively impacted electricity prices. With these impressive figures set to continue into 2016, Costa Rica offers a leading example for other countries, especially pertinent since Amber Rudd’s UK energy policy announcement on Wednesday this week revealed that the UK is to rely heavier on nuclear and gas powered energy production, whilst slashing renewable subsidies.

Whilst it is true that Cost Rica has relatively low energy needs thanks to its economy being based predominantly on tourism and agriculture, and that direct comparisons are difficult to make, it shows that with the right aptitude and natural resources, renewable energy can thrive.

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