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Community Windpower supports Scottish Government's Good Practice Principles - 15th January


Community Windpower supports Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments documentation from the Scottish Government and recognises the usefulness of its guidance on community benefit funding.

These principles, intended for both developers and stakeholders of onshore renewable developments, outline the expected process of developing and awarding community benefit funds.

Community Windpower strive to follow the guidance of these Good Practice Principles by implementing legally binding contracts for the lifetime of our developments, the reporting of annual funds, and the regular review of funding schemes as set out by the principles for developers.

Community Windpower is progressing the registering of the entire fleet of our developments and associated community benefits funds on the bespoke Scottish Government Register of Community Benefits from Renewables website, and allow for openness in our community benefits funding processes.

Community Windpower endeavour to tailor community benefit funds to the needs of the recipient community following early dialogue. This has resulted in a wide range of benefits from funding local community groups, to the practical support offered by BeGreen Energy Advice Centres in Dalry and Dunbar; and through the operating a student intern placement scheme.

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For more information on the Good Practice Principles for Onshore Renewble Energy, click here.

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