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Committee on Climate Change calls for green policies to meet the Paris Agreement - 14th October


The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has called for strong green policies post-Brexit, especially regarding low-carbon heat goals.

The CCC released reports answering three key questions, based around reducing emissions from heating, the Paris Agreement, and how Brexit may affect carbon budgets. The CCC Chairman Lord Deben noted that the Government are committed to tackling climate change and that leaving the EU does not alter this commitment, however he urged for more work to rectify the neglect seen in the UK’s ageing homes and heating systems.

The vote to leave the EU has led to the CCC to call for the Government to incorporate and strengthen EU climate policy into UK frameworks, and also aim for a 2050 target to largely eliminate emissions from heating and hot water, as efficiency measures could cut heating energy demand by around 15%.

Controversially, the CCC advise that the Government do not set new UK emissions targets, despite the Paris Agreement set to be officially ratified next month, as they state that achieving the current targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are already stretched and will provide a positive contribution to global climate action. This point has been labelled as “very disappointing” by Friend of the Earth, with their chief executive Craig Bennett saying “Government policy…needs to change and fast, not just the targets”.

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