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Climate Change in Charts - 5th February


Six infographics that explore the state of the climate and the state of public thinking on global warming, as 2015 saw record-breaking temperatures and the Paris Climate Change talks.      

Data from the MetOffice shows 2015 was the hottest year on record and the forecast is 'for continued global warming largely driven by continued high levels of greenhouse gases'.

A further chart from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows heating of the oceans is accelerating, particularly in the deeper ocean.

The debate on whether 'carbon dioxide is good' has also been represented in chart form.  US research found that thinktanks funded by oil giants were far more likely to say that carbon dioxide is good than those that were not funded by such groups.

Furthermore, while most people accept climate change is happening, there continues to be a roughly even split among the public about the causes of climate change.  The split is between natural causes and human-induced causes.  

A particularly interesting aspect of the data illustrated is that people are poor at gauging the climate opinions of others.  One example of this is 7% of Australians think climate change is 'not happening' and this group believes about half of all Australians think the same, which is far from correct.

Read more and see the infographics in full HERE

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