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Climate Change hits Greenland 20th July


The annual "State of the Climate" report released Thursday said 2014 was the warmest year on record going back 135 years.

In 2007 temperatures in Greenland were 35 degrees below freezing. In 2014 the temperature is now 27 degrees above zero, meaning a 62 degree rise. This has had a dramatic effect on Greenland as it is the world's second largest ice body.

University of Montana glaciologist Joel Harper commented "Greenland stores an enormous amount of water in the form of ice…In recent decades it's certainly been melting more than is replenished from snow fall and that's causing sea level to come up."

Greenland contributes to around 40% of current sea level rise. Scientists predict that by the end of the century sea level rise will be the greatest environmental threat to coastal cities from Miami to Mumbai.

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