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Charging Points in Scotland Double in Use - 11th November

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The number of electric car charging network use doubled in August this year when compare to last year, according to analysis from the RAC foundation. The analysis used data that was collected from the ChargePlace Scotland network, it found that the points were used over 26,000 times in the month of August, this was twice as much compare to August 2015 and over nine times more when compared to August 2014.

Despite this rise in usage, over a quarter of Scotland’s charge points failed to register any charges for the month, the portion of charge points that remained unused however did fall from 32% in August 2015 and 45% in August 2014, the performance does however suggest that there is still plenty of capacity still in the network.

The usage varies from cities to rural regions, in Glasgow for example, 68 of the 76 charge points were used – 89%, whereas over half of Dumfries and Galloway’s 44 charge points were not used at all.

The research also showed the increase in use of Rapid chargers which can charge most EVs to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes which is far less than the majority of standard public charge points which take up to 8 hours.

This research shows the increase in electric vehicles now on the road in Scotland, with over 3,500 electric cars and vans registered. This is up from 2,000 a year ago.

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