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Caribbean Sea a testament to the impacts of plastic waste on our ocean – 31st October


Caroline Power, a specialist of underwater photography, has captured the impacts of plastic waste on our ocean through a latest trip off the coast of Honduras. The images show a blanket of plastic forks, bottles and rubbish for miles, and highlight the significant impacts that we are having on aquatic ecosystems and reveal the need for urgent action.

The key, says Caroline, is to prevent rubbish entering the ocean in the first place and calls for an improvement in waste management, environmental education and recycling facilities worldwide. Oceana Europe, a conservation group, stated “if we don’t change our behaviour now, we’re going to have more plastic than fish in the ocean”.

Caroline Power hopes that her photography will inspire others to reduce their environmental footprint.

To read the full article by Mark Molloy at The Telegraph, and to see the photos from Caroline’s trip please click here.

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