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Can Onshore Wind Become the UK’s Cheapest Energy Source? - 8th April

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New research published Onshore Wind Cost Reduction Taskforce, claims that onshore wind can become the most cost effective new electricity source by 2020. This could lead to lower household fuel bills throughout the UK.


Requiring that certain changes are implemented, such as:

  • further innovation;
  • grid improvements;
  • the UK consenting system is functioning; and
  • monitoring & sharing best practices


Onshore wind will become cheaper than gas and all other low carbon technologies. The taskforce report uses new gas power stations as the baseline for the cheapest new technology in 2020 with predicted levelised cost of energy being £65-75 per MWh by 2020. Without the measures previously outlined it is unlikely that the cost of onshore wind will be below this level however it would still remain the most cost effective of the ‘low carbon’ technologies.

The taskforce researched 3 different onshore wind sites and found that, if all the correct measures were in place £21 per MWh could be saved. If this was achieved, even the higher cost wind farms would maintain cheaper electricity generation than the new gas power stations.

The implementation of the discussed changes and the support from the government will lead to greater cost reductions allowing onshore wind to become the cheapest electricity generator, providing low cost, low carbon energy to millions of households.

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Published by Jonathan Storey

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