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Can Art Inspire Climate Change Action? - 24th October

Ice Watch Exhibition

This weekend 12 enormous blocks of ice weighing 100 tonnes will be left to melt in Copenhagen’s City Hall Square as a striking visual representation of the reality of climate change. The ice, collected from a fjord outside Nuuk, Greenland and displayed in clock formation, is intended to be a physical wake-up call to encourage people to transform climate knowledge into climate action.

Later this month, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will present its Fifth Assessment Report, the most comprehensive assessment of scientific knowledge on climate change since 2007. But it may not lead to action. The information presented by the IPCC is overwhelming and scary and most of it, too complex to be able to translate into effective actions.

The Ice Watch installation is intended to make the climate challenges we are facing tangible. It is believed that the problem is that all too often citizens of the developed world feel disconnected from – or may be fortunate to be unaffected by – the major problems in the world; and that action on climate change requires more than information provided by IPCC reports and other sources. It requires inspiration. It is believed that people need to be inspired and motivated to change their lifestyles, building codes, travel habits, food choices, energy sources, economic and social indicators, political processes, and much more.

More information on the Ice Watch Installation can be found HERE.

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