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British Health System "unprepared for devestating effects of climate change" - 30th March

climate change

British health care systems are unprepared for the “devastating” effects of climate change, a leading health bodies have said.

As extreme weather events become more common, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change urged ministers not to “wait for disaster” before doing anything about it.

The new alliance, made up of leading health bodies including royal colleges, medical faculties, medical publications and doctors’ organisations, called on the government to be “properly prepared”.

The group, launched on Wednesday, said the health service is ill-prepared for dealing with the effects of climate change such as the extreme weather seen this winter.

In a letter to the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, the alliance wrote: “More work is urgently needed to prepare the personnel, the systems and the facilities of the NHS, as well as other institutions involved in health care, for the implications of climate change.”

It points out that only a minority of local health bodies have plans in place which “adequately prepare their organisation to respond to climate change”, adding that almost one in 10 healthcare buildings in England are currently operating in flood risk zones.

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