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Britain leads charge in renewables - 4th May

Britain leads charge in renewables

Over the past five years, with the help of more than £10 billion in subsidies, Britain has quietly become a star in the world of green power.

A record 25 per cent of electricity generated last year came from wind farms, solar panels and other renewable power sources, up from 9 per cent in 2011.

For the first time, renewable sources provided more power over the year than coal.

Much of the change has happened out of sight, in places such as the outer Thames estuary, where the huge London Array wind farm generates more electricity than some coal-fired power stations.

Or inside Nestle’s factory in Fawdon, where an anaerobic digestion plant turns leftovers from making sweets such as Fruit Pastilles and Toffee Crisps into biogas that can produce electricity and heat.

Just as unobtrusively, part of a reservoir near Heathrow has been covered in so many solar panels that it has become Europe’s biggest floating solar farm.

The UK recently became the world’s third-largest market for big solar parks after China and the US.

Philip Wolfe, a renewables pioneer stated that the renewables shift is something “we have embraced very rapidly as a country''.

In the UK there are now solar PV modules installed on over 800,000 homes and businesses as well as the world’s largest offshore wind industry, nearly 30 grid-scale energy storage facilities and several biomass power plants.

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