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BP says CO2 emissions unsustainable - 20th February

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BP has advised that carbon dioxide emission levels from burning fossil fuels are unsustainable unless the international community introduces tougher regulations on pollution.

The warning from the UK’s second-largest oil company came with the publication on Tuesday of its long-term outlook for global energy markets, which predicts that CO2 emissions will increase by 1% per year, or 25% in total, up until 2035.


This rise in pollution would be worse than the current rate, which scientists have said would have a undesirable effect on climate change. The United Nations is seeking to limit the increase of the average global surface temperature to no more than 2C, to avoid "dangerous" climate change will hold a major conference in Paris in December to agree on a firm system for restricting emissions.


Bob Dudley, BP chief executive, said: “The most likely path for carbon emissions, despite current government policies and intentions, does not appear sustainable. The projections highlight the scale of the challenge facing policy makers at this year’s UN-led discussions in Paris. No single change or policy is likely to be sufficient on its own.”

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