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Accurate predictions about climate change from TV documentary in 1981 - 3rd May


A 36-year-old documentary which made clear climate change was becoming a serious problem has been rediscovered.

Broadcast on 8 December, 1981 the documentary contained expert predictions that the average global temperature could rise by two to three degrees Celsius as a result of the doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The narrator also warned prophetically that efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could face opposition because of the “vested interests that many of the world’s great corporations have in fossil fuels and the power they could wield”.

One overly optimistic forecast in the programme was the expectation that the global greening effect — in which plants grow faster because of the extra carbon dioxide — would help grow crops in areas prone to famine.

Last year was the third in a row warmest on record, the average global temperature was 1.1C higher than in pre-industrial times.

Clips from the ITV programme, called Warming Warning, have now been made publicly available on YouTube.

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