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$9.3bn pledged to Green Climate Fund by thirty countries 21st November


Thirty nations meeting in Berlin pledge funding to help developing countries tackle global warming and cut emissions.

The Green Climate Fund has been established to assist developing nations invest in clean energy and green technology alongside the building up of defences against rising sea levels and extreme weather events. $1.13bn of the funding has been pledged by the UK government.

The Green Climate Fund’s Executive Director Hela Cheikhrouhou praised the ‘game-changing’ pledging conference, as a record amount was raised for international climate finance in only five months.  The money pledged will be spent equally towards climate change adaptation and mitigation, especially for the most vulnerable nations, including the poorest countries of Africa and small island nations.

The fund is designed to help those countries least to blame for, but most at risk from, climate change.  Grants, loans and private capital will enable projects such as solar and wind farms, planting trees or disaster-proofing infrastructure.

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