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77% of the UK wants energy to come from renewables - 11th February


Some 77% of people in the UK think the nation should generate more electricity from renewable sources, researchers for Mintel have found.

73% believe the government should give more support to the renewable energy sector with 76% of the British public believing that the industry plays an important role in the protection of the environment.

Support for onshore wind is at around 61%, with the support for larger solar farms at 60%. Overall, some 40% of the British public believe it is worth paying a little more for greener energy.

The research did highlight that “despite general support for renewable energy, the price of electricity is still a key factor for many Brits, reflecting continued high energy bills while household budgets remain squeezed”.

In terms of the type of energy plant consumers would prefer to find on their doorstep, wind and solar as popular choices. Some 51% of consumers identified nuclear power as the least desirable plant to have nearby, followed by 21% for coal fired. 

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