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75% of known Fossil Fuel Reserves must stay in the ground 23rd April 2015

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To mark Earth Day (22nd April), leading scientists and economists have released a statement urging leaders to keep commitments in order to avoid global warming.

It is thought that three quarters of known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground to prevent breaching the 2oC temperature rise which would be damaging to Earth systems. A failure to act on global warming would create a 1 in 10 chance of seeing temperatures rise another 6oC.

The Earth League (a group of scientists and economists) have demanded that talks at the UN climate summit in Paris focus on the adoption of a zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 and that the richest take the lead with the most major cuts. The group have already conceded that there is going to be a large gap between their demands and what is likely to be achieved at the UN summit as several major players are already playing down the Paris Climate talks.

So far, the UK general election talks have paid little attention to the issue of climate change, which is disappointing considering the importance of this year with the UN Climate Change talks in late 2015.

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