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25 years of UK wind energy - 21st December

25 Years

The 21st December 1991 saw the first energy generated from a UK wind farm at Delabole, Cornwall.

25 years on and the UK industry now comprises over 1,000 commerical-scale onshore and offshore wind energy projects.  This means that over 9,500,000 homes in Britain have their annual electricity needs met by UK wind energy.

Since this day, 25 years ago, more than 185 million megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity has been generated, enough to displace over 106 million tonnes of coal. Renewable sources now make up a quarter of the UK's electricity, with nearly half of this being wind energy.

Emma Pinchbeck, Executive Director at RenewableUK said: "wind is now a mainstream power source in Britain, outperforming and replacing old fashioned coal.  It's a crucial part of our new energy system, which is designed to deliver the energy the country needs in the smartest way possible".

"Onshore and offshore wind are providing industrial-scale benefits to our modern economy, supporting tens of thousands of jobs, and attracting billions of pounds in investment to the UK as the global energy market goes renewable.  And we're helping consumers, as onshore wind is the cheapest way to generate new power".

Innovation in the industry over the last 25 years is clear to see with the latest onshore wind turbines installed in Scotland, now over eight and a half times more powerful than those originally installed at Delabole.

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