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2017 was the UKs greenest year ever for electricity 2nd January


Figures from the National Grid show that 2017 was the UK’s greenest year yet regarding how electricity was produced.

The UK has reduced carbon emissions from electricity by half since 2012, establishing the fourth cleanest electricity system in Europe and the seventh worldwide.

As a result, a number of green energy records were broken in 2017. For example, in April the UK had its first 24 hours without using coal since the industrial revolution.

June also saw the first time more electricity was produced by solar, wind and nuclear power than gas and coal combined.

Furthermore, renewable energy sources generated more power than coal for 90% of 2017, up to the start of December.

A big contender in the rise of renewable energy sources is wind energy. In 2017 wind farms produced more electricity than coal on at least 75% of days; and the price of offshore wind power also fell below the price of nuclear power for the first time.

Another factor in the success of renewable energy in 2017 was the Government’s commitment to phase out coal for energy production, as part of an alliance with 20 countries, with an aim to end electricity generation from unabated coal by 2025.

However, despite the success of renewable electricity over coal, people are now calling for the UK to challenge the use of gas in order to meet emission targets, as electricity production from gas was only surpassed by wind for two days in 2017.

Regardless of this, an Energy Department spokesman said the UK was reducing emissions faster than any other G7 country, claiming that "The UK is a world leader in clean growth,".


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