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2014 set to be the hottest year on record in Scotland 14th November


This year is on course to be the hottest and one of the wettest ever recorded in Scotland.

Earlier in 2014, Scotland experienced the warmest spring since records began in 1910.  In addition to this, for nine out of the ten months of 2014 so far, temperatures have been above average with only August being cooler.

Despite higher than average temperatures, latest figures from the Met Office reveal annual rainfall levels have been higher than usual.  This puts 2014 on track to be the third wettest in over a century.

2014 is on course to break the record for hottest year, set in 2006, providing temperatures do not fall significantly over the next few weeks.  The average annual temperature between 1981 and 2010 was 7.4˚C; however, 2014 has been warmer with an average temperature of 8.3˚C.

The continual increase in temperatures and rainfall has led to warnings of increasingly erratic and extreme weather as the effects of global warming.

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