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135 years on and the UK experiences its first day without coal power: 24th April


Friday 21st April 2017 marks the first day since 1882 that Britain experienced a day free of coal-produced energy.

Ahead of governmental plans to phase out British coal plants by 2025, last Friday proved a pivotal moment in demonstrating the ability to operate without coal power. The National Grid achieved 19-hour coal free power in one weekend last May, and again was achieved on last Thursday.

As the energy mix within Britain changes, coal has been relegated to playing a smaller role in our energy system with many coal mines closing and coal-fired plants becoming uneconomic as they age. In 2016, coal accounted for just 9% of electricity generation, falling from 26% in 2015.

Executive Director of RenewableUK, Emma Pinchbeck, said “the change in how we produce energy is the industrial revolution of this generation: as the age of coal passes, the renewables boom is well under way. Coal has been part of the UK’s past, but we should celebrate the move away from dirty and old fashioned technology to a modern, clean energy future”.

For more information, please see articles from Sky News or the BBC.

Photo credit: National Grid

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