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Community Windpower is at the forefront of wind energy development in the UK with over 800MW built, under construction and in development. As renewable energy specialists, we are fully experienced in the identification, design, development, construction and operation of onshore wind energy projects.


Latest News

  • Greenhouse gases made hottest year on record '2,000 times more likely' - 1st October

    Research into unusually high temperatures across Australia in 2013 found that the peaks would have been almost impossible without the influence of man-made climate change

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  • Working Partnership and Patronage continues with North Ayrshire Foodbank - 24th September

    £12,000 donated to North Ayrshire Foodbank thanks to Dalry & Millour Hill Community Wind Farms

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  • This little Spanish island will run on 100% Renewable Energy within months - 29th September

    By the end of this year, a little Spanish island called El Hierro will get 100% of its power from renewable sources.

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  • Scotland on track for another record year on renewable energy - 26th September

    Scotland’s renewable electricity generation in the first half of 2014 was 30% higher compared to same period in 2013 according to new official figures released by the Department of

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  • China pledges to cut emissions at UN climate summit in New York – 24th September

    China’s Vice Premier said it will take firm action on climate change and reduce carbon intensity

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  • Climate Change - Thousands march across the UK - 23rd September

    Tens of Thousands of people have taken part in a march for climate action in London - one of more than 2,000 marches which took place around the world.

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